Turning Donations Into Development

The Jefferson Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses in Jefferson Parish by focusing on the needs of the community and the power of philanthropy.


We seek to serve thousands who share a common interest to improve quality of life throughout the East and West Banks of the community.


By helping our Foundation grow, you are taking an important leadership role in helping our community meet its challenges.


Let us put your donation to work in a meaningful and effective way to benefit education, race relations, public service and community leadership.

Recent Projects

We can help donors maximize their charitable goals and connect to community needs in Jefferson Parish. Our careful investment of donor funds will strengthen our community and give our parish's quality of life a generous boost.

Join The Jefferson Community Foundation Team

While we have a solid record of making a real difference throughout Jefferson Parish, the JCF Board committed earlier this year to re-double our efforts to effect even greater positive change throughout our community. Accordingly we are looking for a leader who is visionary, deeply dedicated and enormously energetic. The Executive Director must be a “self-starter” but likewise willing to work closely with the Board to initiate and cultivate contacts throughout Jefferson Parish and the region for partnership opportunities and to find those simply wanting to advance philanthropy in Jefferson Parish.

If you think you are uniquely qualified to lead our organization, I encourage you to learn more about the Jefferson Community Foundation and to apply for the position of Executive Director.