The Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF) is a relatively new philanthropic organization which was organized post-Katrina for the express purpose of supporting non-profit efforts which contribute to  overall growth and prosperity in Jefferson Parish, the largest parish in the State of Louisiana. The JCF operates as a Donor Advised Fund of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Though we are young, we have moved aggressively to partner with others to revolutionize public education reform efforts,  beautify public spaces and support safe and informative programming  for students and for seniors.

The Jefferson Community Foundation seeks to engage others who  share our interest in improving the overall quality of life in this Parish.


Helping the Jefferson Community Foundation is simple. You can make a donation, start a fund, create an endowment or leave a legacy. When we bring people together to achieve a common goal, we help develop a beautiful community and celebrate the poor of ideas and investments.

By helping the Jefferson Community Foundation grow, you are taking a leadership role in helping our community meet its challenges. Together, with the leadership of the Jefferson Community Foundation, donors leverage their investment and are relieved of the burden of decision making.


The Jefferson Community Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to effective utilization of donated funds to  address critical community needs. We believe that through the power of philanthropy, we can change lives and alter otherwise disappointing outcomes for many of the neediest here in Jefferson.   In partnership with Greater New Orleans Foundation,  our resources are prudently managed so that your donations can work quickly for the change that we all want to see. The JCF works hard to help our donors maximize their investment  and we are frequently able to leverage the donations we receive by obtaining matching gifts from other like-minded donors or in cooperation with public entities.

Through careful investment of donor funds, we are able to strengthen our community and give a generous boost to the quality of life here in Jefferson.

Board Members

Manny Blanco – Atlantis International, Ltd.

Judge Marion Edwards – Former Chief Judge, Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal

Joe Ewell – Jewell, Ltd.

Jim Garvey – Hailey, McNamara, Larman & Papale Law Firm

Patricia LeBlanc – LeBlanc, Fantaci, Villio, LLC

Gordon Wadge – President and CEO, YMCA

Jackie Madden

Lynda Nugent – Lynda Nugent Smith, Keller Williams Reality

Scott Dusang – Attorney

Philip W. Rebowe, CPA – Carr, Riggs, & Ingram, CPAs

Stan Salathe – Salathe Oil

Henry Shane – Favrot & Shane

Ronnie Slone – The Slone Group

Ric Smith

Darryl Ward – Jefferson Parish

Bert Wilson – Barriere Construction Co.

Louis Lauricella – Lauricella Land Company

Meghan Donelon – Iberia Bank

Tiffany Peperone Pitre, JD AICP – Peperone Pitre